Welcome to the Tower Hamlets Inter Faith Forum

Tower Hamlets Inter Faith Forum exists to celebrate the significant contribution that faith organisations play in the lives of Tower Hamlets residents, and to facilitate better communication and understanding between different faiths in the borough. The forum meets every two months, and is led by a small steering group. Information about future meetings can be found here.

THIFF have worked with FaithAction to run a new project to look at how faith settings support the health needs of their communities. We wanted to find out about the types of support already on offer, and to address any gaps in provision.

The Tower Hamlets Inter Faith Forum in Tower Hamlets provides a great opportunity to celebrate the significant contribution that faith organisations have in the lives of people in Tower Hamlets. It provides the space to identify how faith organisations can play an even bigger role in the future success of all communities who live and work here.

One of the most important roles of the Inter Faith Forum is to facilitate better communication and understanding between the different faiths in Tower Hamlets. In the current international climate, this role is a vital one.

The Inter Faith Forum has set itself an ambitious agenda and to achieve this is working closely with a large number of faith leaders representing the broad range of faiths in the borough, as well as the Council, the Police and local umbrella and network bodies.

By drawing together all the faith organisations in Tower Hamlets, the forum aims to:

  • celebrate the important contribution that religious faith makes to the lives of local communities
  • foster greater understanding and respect between our communities
  • secure a more prominent role for faith organisations in regenerating their communities and delivering the borough’s community plan
  • provide a forum for sharing knowledge, resources and good practice
  • speak with in harmony when faith organisations address important public issues
  • break down prejudice and discrimination based on faith

We aim to make getting involved in Tower Hamlets Inter Faith Forum and associated activities a rich and rewarding experience for all. Individuals and organisations are welcome to join us at forums and events, our only criteria is that you are respectful of others’ views. We also actively welcome content suggestions and contributions for forum meetings and invite you to get in touch with us by emailing info@faithintowerhamlets.org. More about our vision can be found here.

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