End Public Worship in All Our Faith Buildings

March 20, 2020

In response to the threat of Coronavirus, everyone in Tower Hamlets is having to make changes to protect themselves and the community. For faith communities, gathering together for prayer, worship or meditation is at the heart of how we demonstrate our commitment.

In the face of this virus, we ask all faith buildings in Tower Hamlets to cease public worship until it is safe enough to recommence. This demonstrates the solidarity between all faiths and our commitment to everyone in Tower Hamlets. Some may find ways to keep buildings open safely for private reflection and prayer, but bringing people together for worship should stop now.

There are many inventive ways of continuing devotions at home by ourselves and also of fulfilling our religious obligations in the service of our neighbours – especially by registering as a volunteer with the TH Volunteer Centre. https://www.vcth.org.uk

Rev Alan Green, Chair of THIFF and Rector, St John on Bethnal Green

Leon Silver, President, East London Central Synagogue

The Leadership of the East London Mosque

Mayor of Tower Hamlets John Biggs and Deputy Mayor Sirajul Islam