Ward Name Changes: Tower Hamlets Council Consultation

December 11, 2020

A consultation has been launched to consider proposed name changes to three wards in the borough.

Suggestions have been put forward to change:

  • Bethnal Green ward to Bethnal Green East ward
  • St. Peter’s ward to Bethnal Green West ward
  • Canary Wharf ward to Millwall ward

Revd Alan Green, Chair of THIFF writes:

Throughout the pandemic THIFF has been working hard to maintain a sense of solidarity between the faith communities in Tower Hamlets. This has not also been easy, with national and international issues threatening to drive wedges between us, but with good support from the Council and other organisations I think we have been successful in this. I am, therefore, disappointed that the Council chooses this moment to launch a consultation of whether to rename St Peter’s Ward as Bethnal Green West. To the Christians of that area this seems like an attempt to remove an acknowledgement of their heritage for no good reason and leads to the sort of fragmentation we have bee striving to avoid. If you agree, whether you are of any faith or none, please respond to the consultation and say so.

You can respond via the online survey on the council website.