Community Collect at Places of Worship

April 30, 2021

Community Collect is a programme offering at home COVID Testing to anyone who wants to access it. Community Collect points are being established across the borough, where members of the public can walk in and collect test kits to use at home. This testing uses rapid lateral flow technology (LFT), which produces a result within 30 minutes. The aim of this programme is to catch more asymptomatic COVID cases, so those individuals can self-isolate and prevent the onward transmission of the virus.

Test kits are given out in boxes of seven, and individuals are encouraged to test themselves twice a week. If individuals test positive, they will need to self isolate and have a follow up PCR COVID test.

Community Collect is part of a broader programme of lateral flow testing. Individuals can also order tests online and pick them up from their local pharmacy (

 What Are Faith Settings Being Asked to do?

 The council is asking for the support of faith settings in promoting take home testing and distributing test kits. Faith Settings can help in one of two ways:

  • Setting up a publicly advertised Community Collect Point within places of worship, where any member of the public can drop in to pick up test kits. Community collect points can be advertised through Council comms
  • Offering Community Collect to those already attending faith settings – setting up a collection point inside the place of worship exclusively for those are already coming to the place of worship, and encouraging individuals to take test kits home with them after attending worship

 What Support Can the Council Offer?

The Council can provide test kits and PPE (gloves and face coverings) to support the distribution of test kits in a safe manner. The Council will provide a briefing on Community Collect and lateral flow testing. Ideally, faith settings would manage distribution of test kits themselves, but the Council can provide staffing support for larger community collect points if required.

In the first instance please contact the Faith Covid Assistance Partnership: