Farewell to our Chair Reverend Alan Green

December 12, 2022

Our Chair, Reverend Alan Green, retires at the end of this year.  We held an event earlier this week to celebrate Alan’s achievements during the time he has spent serving the communities in Tower Hamlets.  Attendees shared some great memories and thoughts on the impact that Alan has had in the many years he has been in the borough.

Alan said “It has been a pleasure and a priviledge to be a resident and a parish priest here….It is important to remember that there is a rich hisotry in Tower Hamlets about standing together, but it is vital not to assume this just happens. It takes hard work, committment, and understanding, and only happens if there is constant work in building good realtionships…..it requires a committment that I know will carry on in Tower Hamlets”

We wish Alan lots of success, joy and happiness for the future! 

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