Food, Fuel & Faith: Supporting Communites in the Cost of Living Crisis

Thursday, 19th May 20226:00 pm - 8:00 pmBernie Cameron Community Centre, 32 Merchant Street, London , E3 4LX

We are in a cost of living crisis, a situation not encountered on such as scale for almost fifty years. Energy bills have spiralled. Food prices are rising due to trade disruption and energy costs. National insurance contributions have increased. Any gains from rises in universal credit and the national living wage are likely to be wiped out by the increase in cost of living.

Large organisations such as Islamic Relief usually work internationally but are now increasingly looking inwards to support communities closer to home that find themselves in similar situations to those much farther away.

Most households in the UK will be facing a decline in their standard of living as wages fail to keep pace with increased costs. Lots of families in Tower Hamlets will be facing difficult choices – we have the highest rates of child and pensioner poverty in England.

Just as many people turned to local faith groups at the height of the pandemic for support, many will once again turn to their faith setting for assistance through this crisis. Places of worship themselves are also under a huge strain, particularly given that many are still feeling the effects of loss of donations and income during the pandemic.

Join us at our event to find out what support is on offer locally to help people, hear from faith and community leaders and get involved in forming a joined up local response.

Guest speakers:

Damien Conrad, The Felix Project – Felix’s Kitchen turns surplus food from their warehouse, into healthy pre-packaged ‘ready meals’. Their volunteers then deliver these meals, along with more food, to charities across the borough for families and others in need.

Ellie Kershaw, Tackling Poverty Team, Tower Hamlets Council – On the work of the team tackling poverty in the borough.

Afazul Hoque, Head of Corporate Strategy & Policy, Tower Hamlets Council – On grants that can be accessed by faith and community groups.

Catherine Preece, The Zacchaeus Project – The Zacchaeus Project is a joint community and church initiative and aims to empower socially or economically marginalised members to strengthen their individual and collective voices.

Shirina Ali, The Limehouse Project – The Limehouse Project advises local residents on a host of issues including finance and debt.



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